Finally! Cancer Kicking Power Health: the Wellness Path

A new lifestyle plan for simple, sustainable wellness to help prevent disease and find optimal euphoria,  without dieting or counting calories!
Become Your Most Unstoppable Self!

There is good news  I want to share on the Breast Cancer front.. According to the Global Burden of Disease, “Hereditary factors account for 10% of all breast cancer occurence, whereas lifestyle, environmental and reproductive factors drive 90%of all breast cancers.”

I have taken the guesswork out of how to live a healthy lifestyle with proven science behind it, to potentially prevent not just cancers, but all kinds of chronic disease that is plaguing us globally.

You are here now (OLD)

You can be here(NEW)

Feeling overwhelmed as to what to eat, Experiencing a lack of energy, an abundance Of fear and frustration

You can be here(NEW)

Seeing food differently, learning how certain foods protect and promote healthy Immunity, while attacking Potential cancer cells.

You are here now (OLD)

I want to lose some weight, I am counting calories and Doing the fad food diets aren’t sustainable For me; they leave me confused And discouraged.

You can be here(NEW)

A plan that sees me as a holistic person and leaves me feeling confident and happier, while i am on my healthier journey. I pray More and have established a Foundation, no matter what life Throws at me.

You are here now (OLD)

Feeling fears of recurrence, Being diagnosed one day of Cancer and believing helpless To do anything about it.

You can be here(NEW)

Learning to live in a way that gives me peace and purpose in my life. I feel a sense of control over mind, Body and spirit.

If you are ready and motivated, then the wellness path membership will do..

Meet Your Coach, Catherine.

I, like you, felt helpless and so confused as to what, if anything, I could do to prevent a recurrence.  After undergoing chemo, a bi-lateral mastectomy, radiation, and reconstruction surgery, only to experience many complications including a life threatening serious illness, sepsis. I lost confidence in my body and health.  But God showed me that there was a much better way than trying all of the fad diets that promised “health.”   

Health and weight loss are not the same.  An article on the cover of VegNews entitled, “ Cancer Causing Foods,” caught my attention.  Intrigued about the science behind this study, I thought why are not more doctors talking to us about this news. Come to find out, doctors are an important part of our health care team, but only get a limited amount of education teaching them about nutrition.  We need to do our part, but where do we start with the plethora of information out there and who do we believe?  I am your health and wellness advocate, stage III  breast cancer thriver, on a mission to learn about cancer prevention ( no one is talking about this!!) .  I have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours  learning as much as I could about disease, passionately seeing that being intentional about our  lifestyle choices can make  our bodies less susceptible to not only cancer, but all kinds of chronic disease.  Welcome to the Cancer Kicking Power Health Membership !

You will be empowered to be Proactive vs. Reactive in your Health. This membership will :

  • Restore the Spirit
  • Rebuild the Body
  • Rejuvenate the Soul
Enrollment opens soon.
Change Your Life, Act Now to Receive the latest on the membership without obligation

Here are the possibilities with this membership:

Enrollment opens soon.
Change Your Life, Act Now to Receive the latest on the membership without obligation

Are you ready to experience REAL change? Here is what to expect…

This plan is designed to make you healthier from the inside-out! It is a holistic program, not a fad or get rich quick scheme kind of plan.  

You’ll go through 5 stages, starting with Empowering Your Foundation, progressing to Focus on Food as Your RX.  You will be supplied with recipes, grocery lists, cooking video tips, habit trackers, and learning to see food quite differently. 

We will then move to the Fountain of Youth is Fitness, where we will share fitness video workouts for all levels and why exercise is so important for not only our bodies, but creating an inhospitable environment for disease. 

Next, we will learn why we must all aim for more quality sleep and the profound effects it has on our body,mind and spirit. 

Lastly, we will strive to create positive, fulfilling relationships that are so important for sustainable health. To find that  Divine will for our lives brings us all together. We are truly better together and the science proves that if we want to find longevity not in nursing homes or hospitals, we must nurture our relationships.

Enrollment opens soon.
Change Your Life, Act Now to Receive the latest on the membership without obligation

Power Packed Plan Empowering the Spirit, the Soul and the Body

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Focus on Food as Our RX

Rebuilding the Body Learning food nutrition 101 Clarifying bad vs good foods that promote or demote cancer Recipes/Cooking Videos

Foundation of Youth is Fitness

Fitness video  for beg, intermediate, advanced tips/weekly coaching

Sleep to Fight cancer

Rejuvenating the soul Tips for better sleep

Positive Relationships

Make friends in our CKP health community


Gratitude Journal Devotional Meal Plan with Grocery List

How much does your health cost? Knowledge is Power. What will it cost you if you don’t join??

2 ways to join:

For $25/m
( less than $1/day)

Pay $227 today/billed annually $19/m

Bonus: Eat this,Not That booklet plus Healthy Desserts Ebook
VS: To hire a private coach, expect to pay $60/hour and upwards.  Gym memberships do not include a fitness plan.
OR: Health and Wellness Coach with Cancer experience who has studied for hours and genuinely cares about your success~ PRICELESS.
Money Back No Risk Guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied, you may receive your money back after 7 days , no questions asked.  Or Cancel anytime!

After 6 surgeries and enduring a major illness, I am proof that this plan works!

It brought me back from sickly to super healthy that I am today!

*Turn your Fears into Fearless!

Restoring Your Spirit

Rebuilding the Body

Rejuvenating the Soul

What the Cancer Kicking Health Plan looks like:

If you are motivated and ready for Real change! 
If you are tired of being tired!

Want to see Sustainable change in your life, this is your opportunity!
No Risk, Cancel Anytime!
The only cost is if you DON’T join and maintain the status quo.
What is the cost to you for real health, inside and out?
Eliminate Reactive Lifestyle to Proactive Lifestyle!
Go from Exhausting to Exuberant!
Find your Real Purpose!

Enrollment opens soon.
Change Your Life, Act Now to Receive the latest on the membership without obligation
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