Follow These Anti-Aging/Longevity Tips

And reduce the Possibility of Cancer in your Body

  • Stop Smoking~ do whatever it takes to Quit, now! Your health depends on it.
  • Limit or cease alcohol~ no more than 7 drinks/week or less! For every drink increases breast cancer risk by 13% per drink!
  • Eat more plants, eat less meat.  Try to limit meat consumption to 3 oz.. serving) Increase meatless meals during the week, adding whole grains, tofu, legumes, beans, seeds and nuts for increasing fiber and protein. 
  • Eat as much organic as you can afford. If buying organic fruits and vegetables are not an option, wash them thoroughly to remove pesticides. 
  • Exercise 5 hours/week.  3 days, of moderate to high intensity or 5 days, of less intensity ( walking). Include 2 days of strength training and 3 days cardio/yoga/ flexibility. 
  • Practice mindfulness/yoga/prayer/gratitude journaling~ do it daily to receive the most benefit of longevity, peace and joy. 
  • Get unplugged! Grab coffee with a friend, do date night with a loved one, take walks with a friend.