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Meet your hosts Dr. Jamie Renbarger and Catherine Haffey!

Dr. Jamie Renbarger is an oncologist and Gestalt-certified coach. Catherine Lowe Haffey is a certified health and wellness coach and stage 3 breast cancer survivor.

Beyond Resilience is a podcast and guide for those interested in cancer prevention, managing life through a cancer diagnosis themselves, or navigating the journey of cancer survivorship.  Our mission with this podcast is to provide actionable and helpful information that will inspire you to keep thriving on the path to wellness and fostering resilience in life. This podcast is unique as our hosts bring a complimentary fusion of knowledge and lived experience to the conversation. Dr. Jamie Renbarger, a seasoned oncologist, brings a wealth of medical expertise, and Catherine Haffey, our certified health and wellness coach, is a triumphant stage 3 breast cancer survivor.

Join us as we provide uplifting stories, expert insights, and practical tips that illuminate the way to a healthier, more vibrant existence and foster a community that celebrates strength, resilience, and the boundless possibilities of a life well-lived. Wherever you are on your wellness journey, we want everyone to feel included and inspired to live fully and happily Beyond Resilience.

“I’ve Just Been Diagnosed With Cancer. Now What?" - Next Steps To Support You!

In this conversation, Beyond Resilience co-host Catherine Haffey opens up about her experience of being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and navigating the early days after diagnosis. Catherine and Jamie discusses the initial shock of the diagnosis, the emotional response that followed, including sadness, fear and overwhelm as well as the wake up call to living more intentionally. Join Catherine and Jamie as they provide helpful support, deepening the understanding of the journey ahead and empowering you to become stronger each day.


How To Talk To Your Loved Ones About Your Cancer Diagnosis

This conversation focuses on sharing a cancer diagnosis with friends, family, and co-workers, as well as asking for support. It emphasizes the importance of open and honest communication, allowing oneself to be cared for, and accepting support from others. The impact of a cancer diagnosis on loved ones is also discussed, highlighting the need for support for caregivers and family members. The conversation provides practical tips for navigating conversations with children and raising awareness in the broader community. It concludes with a discussion on communicating with bosses and co-workers and the importance of open communication in the workplace.

Reframing Negative Thoughts

Today, Jamie and Catherine discuss the importance of positive reframing and how to transform negative thoughts and emotions into more empowering ones. Learn about how to deal with fear and anxiety, coping with uncertainty, practicing gratitude, and finding joy in life.