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How do you prepare yourself for a cancer diagnosis?

“ I am sorry to tell you, but you have cancer…“ I’m not sure I heard the rest. The “c” word.   We never in a million years think we will hear someone telling us this, right? For me, my reaction was shock, stillness, fear, even nausea… like it was a bad dream, but it’s real life.

And we aren't the only ones affected by these words.

Our families are deeply affected.  My poor dad was a “retired” physician, in name only.  In real life, he “doctored” all of us still.   So he was the one who received my breast MRI  even before my doctor did.  As a result, he had the unfortunate responsibility of informing his daughter that she had a messy MRI, full of cancerous lobes and one big malignant tumor. 

His tone was telling of the seriousness of the matter.  He wasn’t without compassion, but rather matter of fact.  Hearing his voice, normally upbeat and happy, was in stark contrast to his resonance  this time.  This was probably the scariest thing to me.   My parents were coming hot off of an arduous year with my sister’s breast cancer debacle just three years prior. Life was almost back to “normal” for them, albeit a new normal, but now it seemed, it would be my turn, round two.

The fight for my life began…

My oncologist, who I deeply respected told me point blank that the next year was going to be a difficult year, and assuming that everything went well, I would be “cured.”  Oh, how I hung onto that word. 

My life revolved around my duties being  a mom to two teenagers, a chauffeur to them still, with a husband who commuted every week to work in a different state.   My priorities needed to be rearranged since  my health required that I take action now.  So after many agonizing tests (like finding out where else did the cancer travel to ?) and laying out a detailed course of action for commencing my cancer journey,  I would say adieu to my old life. Ignorantly, charging forward, yet in the process, an enlightenment happened…

In the difficult fight, I found freedom and submission to a higher being.

In my weariness, I found strength, self reliance and humility.

In my vulnerability, I found wisdom and empowerment.

I discovered that I could choose to be a victim or a victor.

I could choose to allow cancer to mold me into a healthier, “grateful for everyday I have, ”kind of person. And I could choose to inspire others by  lifting them up with all that I have learned, coming from a place of total empathy.  A patient to a patient.  Now, my mission is to help you as a patient advocate.

My Credentials

 I devoted myself to learn as much as I could, reading many books and gaining  much knowledge talking and listening  to various  cancer experts of health and wellness.  I became certified as a Health and Wellness Coach, personal trainer and ACLM certified coach (american college of lifestyle medicine).  I learned the value of nutrition, becoming certified through a wonderfully intense course, offered as Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s e`cornel Plant Based Nutrition.

You Need to Understand This:

  • I learned that we can influence our immune system to fight off breast cancer, once diagnosed! How? Lifestyle Choices Matter!
  • Most of us are not genetically predisposed to breast cancer, as Dr. Kristi Funk reports, “87% of women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a single first-degree relative with breast cancer.”

What I Can Offer You Here, Free Resources:


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