Healthier Now!

Take These Evidenced Based Steps to Make Cancer Not Welcome In Your Body! So Be Encouraged! Step #1 Set the foundation for your health and mental well being.  YOUR CANCER KICKING POWER LIES FROM WITHIN YOU! We are spiritual beings with a spirit, soul( your will, mind and emotions)  and physical body.  If we focus […]

Feeling Sluggish? Try 5 Easy, Natural Energy Boosts!

1. Stay Hydrated: 2. Healthy Snacking: Learn more 3. Move and Stretch: 4. Power Nap: 5. Deep Breathing and Mindfulness: Journaling can be a nice addition when doing mindfulness or meditation.   Get your Journaling started HERE

Stress Can Cause Cancer. Here are Ways to Mediate It

Stress can be a precursor to cancer.  Here are Ways to Mediate Stress So  We Can Mediate Cancer. “The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting us well. “ Hippocrates Meditation has been linked to improving so many aspects of our busy lives that to me  seemed to be […]