Helping Women Prevent & Recover From Breast Cancer

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I’m Catherine

I support women in breast cancer prevention and those affected by cancer, guiding them towards sustainable well being, allowing them to embrace a life full of greater meaning and purpose.

Meet your health and wellness coach, Catherine

As a breast cancer survivor myself, my mission is to help women in breast cancer prevention and those who have been affected by breast cancer, find sustainable health and wellness,  in simple steps.  Doing this together. 

The amount of conflicting information out there, anywhere from the overwhelm of online sources to well meaning friends and family,  can be downright confusing.  Who do you believe ? 

That’s why I am passionate about providing  the most  current scientific information as well as what has worked for me, so that overwhelm and confusion can be hopefully mediated.

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Stay tuned for updates on Radiant Resilience: Navigating Cancer Prevention, Thirvorship and Holistic Well-Being with oncologist, Dr. Jamie Renbarger and cancer survivor, Catherine Haffey.

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Catherine by her bicycle

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